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Our installers will always treat your home with the utmost care and respect . . .
Our installers will always treat your home with the utmost care and respect . . .

Sliding Door

A sliding door is a type of door which opens horizontally by sliding, usually parallel to a wall. Sliding doors can be mounted either on top of a track below or be suspended from a track above and some types ‘disappear’ in a wall when slid open. There are several types of sliding doors such as pocket doors, Arcadia doors, and bypass doors. Sliding doors are commonly used as shower doors, glass doors, screen doors, and wardrobe doors.

LTW are Patio Door experts. We have been manufacturing elegant patio doors for 19 years and we are recognised by the trade as the premium supplier in the UK and Ireland. We are proud to offer the widest range of patio door options available anywhere. Our comprehensive range includes low thresholds ensuring easy access for toddlers or wheelchair users, high security locking systems to keep you safe, a wide range of colours in uPVC or Aluminium.

Patio doors are often overlooked in comparison to bifold doors but because they slide within their own frame area and do not protrude into a room or onto a balcony or patio, they are often still the most space efficient option for many homes. Their weathering performance is excellent and patio doors can be supplied with a much bigger glass area than a bifold. There is another major benefit in patio doors, they are often less expensive compared to a bifolding door. We sell four times more patio doors than we do bifolds which is a testament to their continued popularity and usability. In general, we would advise; if you have a great view and a wide enough opening go for a patio door. If you are space restricted go for a bifold. Of course the choice is yours.

We pride ourselves in offering the highest level of customer care and we are very happy to advise customers over the phone to ensure they make a fully informed choice.Our manufacturing practices are industry leading and quality control procedures are stringent and recorded. Our mission is to never have an unsatisfied customer.